Embracing Florals

Embracing Florals

Flowers are certainly trending in all aspects this season. We are not just talking floral arrangements-think fashion!

You either love it, hate it, or are on the fence. For those of you who that swore you would never be seen wearing anything floral or up until now just not too sure, we promise you will be giving it a second thought once you read what we have to share.



In addition to the warm weather that brings florals to our gardens, it just feels good to wear happy floral prints! Florals are flattering and look sliming for every body type- it's a win win!

Another reason to jump on the floral bandwagon is the versatility of the look. You can find floral pieces in everything from super casual to dressy outfits suitable for weddings.


To rock the summer floral look, we recommend these tips:

  • Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe well. Save the heavier fabrics for your winter floral look. 
  • Go for bright colors and bold designs. 
  • Let your flowers stand out by choosing light backgrounds.

  • SHORTS: When I find myself in a hurry on these challenging summer days with two young girls, grabbing a cute solid top & pairing with floral bottoms becomes a quick and cute no-brainer.

  • SUNDRESSES/MAXIS: This is the perfect time to wear a fun floral dress. I like to call these the "one and done piece!" No need to think about how you are going to to find the perfect top or bottom to match! So simple!

  • ROMPERS: This one-piece summer staple is an ideal candidate for working in some floral, while remaining on-trend. Again, just put it on and pair with some cute accessories and footwear and you'll feel amazingly put together in no time!

  • FLORAL TOPS: Try mixing a floral top with a pair of jeans shorts or white jeans this summer. Wearing a variety of colors just always makes me feel happy! Scientists tend to agree that bright colors in general make people happy! Many of us spend our lives in black,brown,navy,white and grey. By choosing safe shades instead of a brighter wardrobe we could be missing out on the health benefits implicit in color! So grab yourself some florals and brings some added happiness and health benefits to your day!
  • KIDS: Just when you think florals were for adults, think again! Kids are ideal candidates for the floral wearing trend. From tops, to dresses they are sure to give your girls a sweet, bright, flattering look! Of course, you also want your little fashionista to keep up with the trend and wear this print in the most gorgeous ways possible!
Now go out and give those florals a try! We know you will be hooked just as much as we are! Check out our latest Floral Collection!

And in the meantime, stay tuned for how to wear Floral Fall Fashion! 
XOX! Stacey & Wendy
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