Your New Favorite Pants (Spoiler Alert: They Aren't Leggings)

Your New Favorite Pants (Spoiler Alert: They Aren't Leggings)

A few months ago, I was introduced to Motos and instantly I was hooked. For sure, they are a beautiful invention to the fashion world. What’s super cool about them is that they have some texture to them – lines, stitching and panels and they just make me feel fancier than when wearing my standard leggings. I found that with motos I was able to reap the benefits of comfort and versatility of my favorite pair of leggings and have been able to dress them up or down so that people would think that I was wearing jeans! Amazing, right?

Wearing moto leggings is extremely simple and since they look more like regular jeans, you don’t have to worry so much about the length of the top you pair it with. Complete versatility!

Still looking for your favorite pair of jeans?! I think you just found them! They are super comfy, stretchy, look great on any body type and are about to become the hottest statement piece in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, which makes them perfect for busy moms. You can wear them with a pair of Converse and a simple tee or switch it up by pairing them with a blouse paired with fun booties. The options are endless and no matter what you decide you are sure to turn a few heads. The only trouble you'll have is deciding on which color to purchase!

Here are just a few cute ways to style your new favorite bottoms:

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Love the motos!

Shannon Shafer

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